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Our Santorini Sailing Tours and Cruises

Our Santorini Sailing Tours - What to choose:

Haven’t yet decided which of our Santorini Sailing Tours you will book? Here below, Angel Sailing Santorini is sharing all the necessary information regarding all its sailing caldera cruises so that you can easier decide which one to book. 

First, our Santorini Sailing Tours are conducted on a 44 feet yacht. This monohull stands out for its combination of comfortperformancesafety, and mainly tranquility since we try to avoid overwhelming crowded places. Our crew is among the most experienced you can find in Santorini and will be willing to assist and respond to your questions.

Our cruises and sailing tours in Santorini are basically divided into two main categories. All of them include pick up and drop off service, as well as a tasty meal

Before presenting each of them, you can check our previous guests’ TripAdvisor comments and reviews here.

Moreover, please bear in mind that we love what we do! You can also check the main reasons why sailing in Santorini with us is a unique experience!

The Presentation of our Santorini Sailing Tours

Our Semi-Private Santorini Sailing Cruise is a small-group sailing experience of up to 8 passengers without counting the crew.

This tour operates twice every day from April 15th until the end of October 15th in the morning – Semi-Private Daytime Sailing Caldera Cruise – and in the afternoon – Semi-Private Sunset Sailing Caldera Cruise – with the opportunity to marvel at the beautiful Santorini Sunset. The duration is 5 hours. For a detailed route description, please check each one of them.

Our Private Santorini Boat Tours are divided into three different sailing cruises. First, the Private Daytime Sailing Santorini Cruise and the Private Santorini Sunset Cruise have a duration of 5 hours each. The private full-day cruise performs an authentic 10-hour Santorini sailing experience inside the unique caldera of the island. The three private Santorini sailing tours can adjust the itinerary according to the passengers’ needs. 

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