Santorini Boat Tours: The Best Activity in Santorini Greece

Santorini Boat Tours: The best activity in Santorini
Santorini Sunset from above

A Sailing tour in Santorini caldera is simply wonderful and a great experience. It is really a must-do and on the top of the list of the best things to do in Santorini.

But why? Why sailing in Santorini is a such wonderful experience that it is considered a must-do? At first, we will have to clarify and define what is a sailing cruise in Santorini!

A sailing cruise (or sailing tour) in Santorini is a brief trip, regularly 5 hour-long into the massive and unique caldera of Santorini located in the middle of the Aegean sea! But, you may say…caldera? The Aegean Sea? what those two things have to do with each other? In fact, Santorini, or originally Thira, is an island in the middle of the Aegean Sea which is situated on the south Aegean volcanic zone.

3600 years ago, a massive super-volcanic eruption resulted in more or less what Santorini looks like today. A devastating explosion of ash, pumice and volcanic lava were spitting in the air, causing the recession of the land, creating a huge caldera in the middle of the Aegean Sea. After this eruption, the islands of Thira, what is not called Santorini, Thirassia, and Aspronissi were created, creating a small archipelago of extraordinary beauty. In the progression of the time, two more islands were formed, hailing from the depts of the Aegean, the Nea and Palaia Kameni, which in fact are two craters.

Now, what is left is to answer why? In fact, the Santorini Sailing Tours are considered the best experience and activity in Santorini, for so many reasons.

Unreveal the beauties with one of our Santorini Boat Tours

The Santorini Sailing Tours is the best way to explore the island in a way that the shore excursions cannot really offer!

A sailing cruise is undoubtedly the most incredible activity someone can exprience in Santorini as in a short amount of time you can see some of its top attractions in the best possible way. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to swim in the crystal-clear waters and see attractions only accessible by boat or yacht. You will also enjoy delicious food onboard as well as stunning views of the caldera cliffs and the islands of  the caldera that can actually impress everyone. Those who book a sunset cruise will relish the most spectacular sunset in the world below the beautiful village of Oia.

The coastline along with the caldera has spots and points of amazing beauty, which cannot be seen on the island, hence there is no better way to discover this island than on the deck of your sailing yacht.

Actually, this is the only way you can explore this rare beauty around the island, left from the super-massive volcano. 

Places to visit on a Sailing Cruise

  • To begin with, even though you can access the red beach by car, the way you can see from the sea level is way different. Frankly speaking, the landscape of the red-colored cliff is all the way beautiful in both cases, however seeing it from a sailing cruise offers a different perspective to it.
  • Moreover, the white beach, a unique small bay in the middle of nowhere, a stunning creation of the massive volcanic eruptions, literally only accessible by yacht, boat or catamaran.
  • There is also the Indian Rock, a naturally sculpted on a black rock Indian’s face, which cannot be seen anywhere else but on a sailing tour.
  • The Aspronissi, the volcanic islands of Nea and Palaia Kameni, as well as the warm springs, are also spots that can only be experienced by people on sailing tours. 

Discover Thirassia island

The island of Thirassia is located only just a mile from Oia and, is a virgin island, still untouched by tourism and modern lifestyle, with only few habitants and visitors, having a size of 9 sq. km.

Manolas is the capital of Thirassia, a village of picturesque houses painted in various colors. The virgin beaches and pure nature are the main attractions of Thirassia.

What is more about Thirassia, is the transparent waters and its interesting underwater life. In fact, most of the time this place is protected from the strong winds, offering tranquility in order to enjoy swimming, food or even to relax laid back on the deck of the yacht enjoying the sun.

Our Santorini Sailing Tours offer this unique opportunity since we are trying to avoid the overwhelmingness of the crowded catamarans and at the same time offer a relaxed atmosphere for our guests.

Santorini Boat Tours: Swim and Snorkel

Even though Santorini island is not popular for its beaches, there is nothing more interesting than actually dive and snorkel in a caldera and discover what is underneath.

Normally, most of the Santorini Sailing Tours, offer you the basic equipment for snorkeling while on this sailing cruise. This way, you will be able to snorkel and discover the underwater world and life of one of the biggest submerged calderas in the world.

Santorini can feel crowded during the summertime, so a break of swimming and diving is the perfect break to meet another world while you’re having fun yet recharging your batteries.

The amazing view of Santorini as seen from a boat makes it difficult for travelers not to fall in love with it.

What is more? The pure and clear waters of Santorini allow you to enjoy complete peace of mind while you get ready for a relaxing meal or dinner on the deck.

Swimming seems like fun, indeed it is only if you know how to. For some, they are afraid because they don’t know how to go about it. For this reason, there are lifejackets provided to everyone who wants to swim but does not really know how to do so.

Hence why not make the most of your vacation time in Santorini? When there, you can take advantage of our activities and get thrilled.

We at Angel Sailing Santorini, we don’t just make sailing in Santorini possible, but we go a step further to make it a fun-filled and a lifetime experience.

Our Santorini Sailing Yacht

Lunch or Dinner? Day or Sunset Santorini Sailing Cruise?

The Santorini Sailing Tours are definitely one of the greatest ways to explore the island of Santorini and witness at its splendid natural beauty. An ideal activity for group of friends, families, or even honeymooners. Most of the Santorini Sailing Tours include an onboard meal, accompanied by the heavenly Santorinian wine.

Here comes the most difficult question though! Should I get a daytime or a sunset sailing cruise?

Well, this is totally a personal matter for each traveler. As a result, you should focus on the pros and cons of each tour and then decide on what is best for you.

The Pros and Cons

The Daytime Santorini Sailing Cruise offers you the opportunity to see and to do everything during the daylight. This results in warmer weather, where sometimes can be good and sometimes bad for travelers not exposed to the heat that often.

In essence, since the temperature during the day and during the peak season can get so high, being close to the water and diving into it can be so enjoyable that people who are on the actual island at the same time would rather be at your place. Nevertheless, it is quite hazardous for people who are not very familiar with exposition to the sun, since besides the tent of the sailing yacht, there is no other place to protect yourselves from the sun.

So, the advantage, in this case, is the swimming temperature.

On the other hand, a Santorini Sailing Sunset Cruise is a romantic cruise, a great getaway for couples and newlyweds, and constitutes the perfect honeymoon gift. The temperature during the evening can drop significantly, especially during the latter of September, October, and from April till June.

In other words, captivating the beautiful Santorini sunset on board is a breathtaking experience, especially when having an incredibly romantic dinner on a private Santorini sunset cruise, nevertheless, it can get really chilly at times that even swimming can be less enjoyable than during the daytime.

santorini sailing yacht cruise

Why us for your Santorini Boat Tours?

Angel Sailing, is a Santorini Sailing Tours company that offers a real small group or private sailing cruise experience of the unique caldera of Santorini.

Our company was founded by the merchant marine’s captain and skipper George, who after a 15-year duty in oceangoing ships, moved towards Santorini Sailing Tours! In fact, he actually fulfilled one of his childhood dreams, since from the age of 6 he started enjoying life with the sea.

Angel Sailing Santorini has a sailing yacht 45ft able to carry up to 10 passengers on our private sailing cruises, and up to 8 respectively on our share sailing experiences so that all our guests can enjoy each other’s company within a relaxed atmosphere avoiding the overwhelmingness of the crowded catamarans. This way, your only worry is to have fun!

In essence, sailing with us will make you enjoy a sailing cruise with safety.

What is more? We are the only sailing cruise company in Santorini that in case the circumstances and sea and weather conditions permit, we let you steer the wheel so that you can feel the magic of Sailing in Santorini.

What is also unique about us is the fact that the crew consists of the captain and owner of the sailing yacht, his brother who is also a sailor himself and a national champion of FINN, and their father, a former sailor as well. In other words,  “Angel Sailing Santorini ” is a family affair, making sure that you will have the time of your life!

We are really looking forward to sharing this experience with you! Feel free to explore our guests’ comments on Tripadvisor Santorini Sailing Tours